Dalbello Pantera 100 MS

Dalbello Pantera 100 MS

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The Dalbello Panterra 100 is an excellent option for the strong intermediate to expert skier that has a medium width forefoot and medium size shaft of the leg. The VVF (Variable Volume Fit) allows you to adjust the width of the shell from 100-102mm by simply tinkering with the buckle on the toe. Dalbello's My Fit Shell is easily customizable to your foot shape by having an Authorized Dalbello Dealer heat the shell in a special oven. When the shell is warm enough the bootfitter will place the boot on your foot. As the shell starts to cool it can mold and take the shape of your foot. The Insta Fit Performer Liner is also thermoformable to deliver a truly dialed in fit. A Hike/Ski Mechanism give you a wide range of motion when you want an easy walk to the slopes in the morning. The Contour 4 Shell has expanded areas in the four key zones that bootfitters have to address. A Center Balanced Stance is more upright to offer more efficient skiing on modern ski shapes with rocker.

  • Best Fits a Medium Width Forefoot and Medium Shaft of the Leg

  • My Fit Shell

  • Insta Fit Performer Liner

  • Hike/Ski Mechanism

  • Dynalink

  • Center Balanced Stance

  • Contour 4 Shell

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